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Welcome to the Oregon's Economic Development Districts Website


Oregon's Economic Development Districts work to provide effective, efficient delivery of economic development services benefiting healthy and sustainable communities and businesses. We operate regionally: forging strategies, solutions, and partnerships that achieve clear, quantifiable and tangible results, most of which would not have been feasible for a single local jurisdiction to implement. Like our counterparts nationwide, Oregon's Economic Development Districts manage and deliver an abundance of federal and state programs. Based on local needs and priorities, programs include:

             •  Entrepreneurial development
             •  Energy and environmental stewardship
             •  Community and economic development
             •  Aging
             •  Emergency management and homeland security preparedness
             •  Geographic information systems (GIS)
             •  Housing
             •  Small business development finance
             •  Transportation
             •  Workforce development

Oregon’s Economic Development Districts take a long-term, holistic view of regional community and economic development opportunities and challenges. We recognize the interdependence and cross-cutting relationships between economic development, environmental stewardship, infrastructure upgrades, intermodal transportation systems, affordable and quality housing, a skilled and reliable workforce and many other factors essential to our state’s economic competitiveness and strong quality of life. We encourage you to explore our website and visit our member districts to learn about the resources our Association of Districts can provide.

OEDD 2013 Brochure

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